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Professional and Lived Expertise at Your Fingertips

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Hi, I'm Tess and I would love to talk to you about how we can work together in authentic and innovative ways

The strength in my work is I combine lived experience with professional experience to support anyone working with lived experience or as a lived experience advocate/professional. 

As someone from multiple intersectional identities I have a unique lens that I translate into my work and practice.

Originally coming from a professional therapeutic counselling background, I now channel my passion in an authentic, grassroots way to bringing social change and support organisations and individuals to do this in innovative and relational ways.

What Can I Do For You?

There are many ways I can work with you.  

All of my work is informed by an intersectional and trauma-informed framework.  Ask me how I may be able to work with you.   My services include, but not limited to:

Community engagement

I am available for community engagement, conducting research interviews, creating surveys, group & individual consultations, coordination and facilitation of lived experience forums.

Lived experience programs

I have extensive experience in creating, recruiting, managing and supporting lived experience advisory groups and systemic advocacy programs in the private and government sector in a trauma informed and strengths based way.

Project work

I am an experienced project coordination professional, including past and current projects in the LGBTIQA+, family and sexual violence and disability sector.

Policy & systemic advocacy

Policy advisory work, establishing and facilitating advisory groups, reference groups, content writing, social media and systemic advocacy.

Public speaking/media

With extensive experience in public speaking, panel presentations and media, I can also train and coach individuals one-on-one in media advocacy and public speaking.

Training, Debriefing, Mentoring, Coaching

With my background in professional counselling and trauma informed therapy I can provide debriefing, mentoring or training for professionals in the social service or government sector working with lived experience, or individuals engaging in lived experience or advisory work.


Engage.   Empower.  Transform. 

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